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Flexible SnS nanobelts: Facile synthesis, formation mechanism and application in Li-ion batteries

Nano Research 2013.1

Lu, J (Lu, Jun); Nan, CY (Nan, Caiyun); Li, LH (Li, Lihong); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocatalysts: Investigating the Influence of Structural Characteristics on Their Catalytic Performance

Progress in Chemistry 2013.1

Wang, DS (Wang Dingsheng); Li, YD (Li Yadong)


Nanoscale Coating of LiMO2 (M = Ni, Co, Mn) Nanobelts with Li+-Conductive Li2TiO3: Toward Better Rate Capabilities for Li-Ion Batteries

JACS 2013.1

Lu, J (Lu, Jun); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Wang, WY (Wang, Weiyang); Nan, CY (Nan, Caiyun); Li, LH (Li, Lihong); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Systematic Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures

Chemistry A European Journal 2013.1

Li, P (Li, Peng); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Wei, Z (Wei, Zhe); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


CuO Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Mesoporous ZnO for Visible-Light Photocatalysis

Chemistry A European Journal 2013.2

Liu, YX (Liu, Yunxin); Shi, JX (Shi, Jianxin); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Room Temperature Activation of Oxygen by Monodispersed Metal Nanoparticles: Oxidative Dehydrogenative Coupling of Anilines for Azobenzene Syntheses

ACS Catal. 2013.2

Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Rong, HP (Rong, Hongpan); Yu, XF (Yu, Xiaofei); Liu, XW (Liu, Xiangwen); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); He, W(He, Wei); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Highly Active and Selective Catalysis of Bimetallic Rh3Ni1 Nanoparticles in the Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes

ACS Catal. 2013.2

Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Duan, HH (Duan, Haohong); Rong, HP (Rong, Hongpan); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Li, LS (Li, Linsen); He, W (He, Wei); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Magnetic Tuning of Upconversion Luminescence in Lanthanide-Doped Bifunctional Nanocrystals

Angew. Chem. 2013.3

Liu, YX (Liu, Yunxin); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Shi, JX (Shi, Jianxin); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


One-Pot Protocol for Bimetallic Pt/Cu Hexapod Concave Nanocrystals with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

Scientific Reports 2013.3

Liu, XW (Liu, Xiangwen); Wang, WY (Wang, Weiyang); Li, H (Li, Hao); Li, LS (Li, Linsen); Zhou, GB (Zhou, Guobao); Yu, R (Yu, Rong); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Interface-Mediated Synthesis of Transition-Metal (Mn, Co, and Ni) Hydroxide Nanoplates

Cryst. Growth Des. 2012.3

Li, P (Li, Peng); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


ZnO hierarchical aggregates: Solvothermal synthesis and application in dye-sensitized solar cells

Nano Research 2013.6

Shi, JX (Shi, Jianxing); Liu, YX (Liu, Yunxin); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Composition-Dependent Catalytic Activity of Bimetallic Nanocrystals: AgPd-Catalyzed Hydrodechlorination of 4-Chlorophenol

ACS Catal. 2013.6

Rong, HP (Rong, Hongpan); Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Niu, ZQ (Niu, Zhiqiang); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Direct Syntheses of Styryl Ethers from Benzyl Alcohols via Ag Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Tandem Aerobic Oxidation

ACS Catal. 2013.6

Zhang, Q (Zhang, Qi); Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Li, LS (Li, Linsen); Chen, YF (Chen, Yifeng); Rong, HP (Rong, Hongpan); Niu, ZQ (Niu, Zhiqiang); Liu, JJ (Liu, Junjia); He, W (He, Wei); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Size and shape control of LiFePO4 nanocrystals for better lithium ion battery cathode materials

Nano Research 2013.7

Nan, CY (Nan, Caiyun); Lu, J (Lu, Jun); Li, LH (Li, Lihong); Li, LL (Li, Lingling); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Defect-Dominated Shape Recovery of Nanocrystals: A New Strategy for Trimetallic Catalysts

JACS 2013.8

Wu, Y (Wu, Yuen); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Chen, XB (Chen, Xiaobin); Zhou, G (Zhou, Gang); Yu, R (Yu, Rong); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Pd-Cu2O and Ag-Cu2O Hybrid Concave Nanomaterials for an Effective Synergistic Catalyst

Angew Chem 2013.8

Li, LL (Li, Lingling); Chen, XB (Chen, Xiaobin); Wu, YE (Wu, Yuen); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Zhou, G (Zhou, Gang); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Progress in organic reactions catalyzed by bimetallic nanomaterials

Chinese Journal of Catalysis 2013.11

Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Niu, ZQ (Niu, Zhiqiang); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Au-25 Clusters as Electron-Transfer Catalysts Induced the Intramolecular Cascade Reaction of 2-nitrobenzonitrile

Scientific Reports 2013.11

Chong, HB (Chong, Hanbao); Li, P (Li, Peng); Wang, SX (Wang, Shuxin); Fu, FY (Fu, Fangyu); Xiang, J (Xiang, Ji); Zhu, MZ (Zhu, Manzhou); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Rhodium-nickel bimetallic nanocatalysts: high performance of room-temperature hydrogenation

Chem. Comm. 2013

Duan, HH (Duan, Haohong); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Kou, Y (Kou, Yuan); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Semiconductor-noble metal hybrid nanomaterials with controlled structures

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013

Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Li, XY (Li, Xiaoyang); Li, H (Li, Hao); Li, LS (Li, Linsen); Hong, X (Hong, Xun); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Pt-Ni nanodendrites with high hydrogenation activity

Chem. Comm. 2013

Wang, WY (Wang, Weiyang); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Liu, XW (Liu, Xiangwen); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Hematite nanodiscs exposing (001) facets: synthesis, formation mechanism and application for Li-ion batteries

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013

Lu, J (Lu, Jun); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Wang, ZY (Wang, Zhongying); Nan, CY (Nan, Caiyun); Li, LH (Li, Lihong); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Preparation of bimetallic nanocrystals by coreduction of mixed metal ions in a liquid-solid-solution synthetic system according to the electronegativity of alloys

Cryst. Eng. Comm. 2013

Mao, JJ (Mao, Junjie); Wang, DS (Wang, Dingsheng); Zhao, GF (Zhao, Guofeng); Jia, W (Jia, Wei); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Assembling TiO2 nanocrystals into nanotube networks on two dimensional substrates

RSC Advances 2013

Liu, YX (Liu, Yunxin); Zhan, SP (Zhan, Shiping); Shi, JX (Shi, Jianxin); Peng, Q (Peng, Qing); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Synthesis of iron oxide-ton oxide-carbon composite nanobelts and their applications in lithium-ion batteries

Chinese Science Bulletin 2013

Lu Jun; Peng Qing; Li Yadong


A PdAg bimetallic nanocatalyst for selective reductive amination of nitroarenes

Chem. Comm. 2013

Li, LS (Li, Linsen); Niu, ZQ (Niu, Zhiqiang); Cai, SF (Cai, Shuangfei); Zhi, Y (Zhi, Yun); Li, H (Li, Hao); Rong, HP (Rong, Hongpan); Liu, LC (Liu, Lichen); Liu, L (Liu, Lei); He, W (He, Wei); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)


Synthesis of Pt-Ni/graphene via in situ reduction and its enhanced catalyst activity for methanol oxidation

Chem. Comm. 2013

Li, LH (Li, Lihong); Wu, Y (Wu, Yuen); Lu, J (Lu, Jun); Nan, CY (Nan, Caiyun); Li, YD (Li, Yadong)